Top 5 Tourist Places in Dehradun

December 23, 2018

Are you getting bored and planning to visit some beautiful place with natural beauty than you must visit Top 5 Tourist Places in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenic beauty and mind-blowing weather. Best places to visit in Dehradun Robber’s cave Robber’s cave is also known as gucchu pani by town […]

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web series

5 Best Web Series You Should Watch

December 19, 2018

Here is the list of 5 Best Web Series you can’t miss.   SPARTACUS You can watch this web series on Netflix. If you like the violence with a fabulous storyline than this series is for you.  It is a British series premiered on Starz. This is all about a Thracian man titular character named […]

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reptile cafe

Amazing Phnom Penh’s Reptile Cafe

December 17, 2018

You all have like to hang out with your near and dear ones in a special cafe but people always want to spot something unique in everything from a small pot to a residence. You will get astonished to know about this café where you will enjoy your drink with the scary and wonderful reptiles.  […]

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eat healthy

No Change In Weight Loss?? Choose A Correct Diet Plan

November 14, 2018

TYPES OF DIET PLANS This is a main concern of people that they are eating very less but there is no result in weight loss so, don’t eat less just gather complete information about the food you eat and different type of diet plans. Choose a correct diet plan which is suitable for you. If […]

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Say Bye To Medicine: Adopt Natural Food To Stay Healthy

November 10, 2018

It is examined that eating natural and healthy food keeps you away from hospitals. Natural food shows an unbelievable impact on your health. It is understood that nobody wants to fall sick but medicines are becoming a part of our daily life. There is a quote:   “The food you eat can be either the […]

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johari window test

Johari Window Test That Helps People To Know Themselves

October 31, 2018

Johari window is a method that eases people learn how to know yourself.  Johari window test helps people to understand themselves. It was created by two psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1995. It is a very simple and useful tool that brings awareness. Johari Window Test helps people to better understand their relationship […]

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History Of A Holy Temple Sabarimala

October 26, 2018

Sabarimala temple is built in Sabari hills of Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. This temple is connected to the feelings of lots of devotees. This temple located in the middle of the 18 hills. Many devotees came here to pray God Ayyappan. It is believed that Parshuram has placed the statue of god Ayyappan in Sabarimala […]

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make time for excercise with busy schedule

How To Find Time For Exercise With A Busy Schedule

October 23, 2018

According to a survey, the greatest reason behind not doing exercise is “ I am too busy at work today, I will do it tomorrow”, yes you are but we all are busy. Too busy is not a justification people will find time for exercise which is really valuable to them. How can we find […]

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Types Of Fear And How To Overcome Fear?

October 21, 2018

There is fear in everybody. Fear creates a barrier in front of you. There are different types of fear present in our life. There is fear of study, society, job and other types of barriers. Types Of Fear You know what fear can be good or bad  Fear is a good thing. Fear is going […]

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dont give stupid advice in life

The Serious But Stupid And Useless Advice In Life

September 25, 2018

1) 10% hard work 90% luck I do not believe in the above saying. If you don’t work hard then no natural power or luck gonna sparkle your career. Many people who got the failure in their life they mostly said that I am not lucky enough to reach my aim but you can do […]

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