No Change In Weight Loss?? Choose A Correct Diet Plan

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This is a main concern of people that they are eating very less but there is no result in weight loss so, don’t eat less just gather complete information about the food you eat and different type of diet plans. Choose a correct diet plan which is suitable for you. If you are unable to choose one then consult a good nutritionist.

Choosing a correct diet plan is very important. Now Let’s know about some diet plans:

correct diet plan importance

Alkaline Diet Plan

In this type of meal plan, you have to introduce alkaline rich food in your meal. The fruits and vegetables are essentials of alkaline diet that offers the assurance of healthy weight loss. You can’t eat processed food, white flour, grains, refined oil, alcohol in the alkaline diet plan.

  • By following this diet plan you can maintain the pH level of the body and it is said that disease will not take place in the body that has a stable pH.
  • In addition to the fruits and vegetables, Almonds and lots of water are adviced as a part of the meal plan.


Ketogenic Diet

It is known for losing weight fastly. This diet plan directs on less intake of carbohydrates and more intake of proteins and fats. Try to eat 10-15% carbohydrate-rich food in a day.


How it works??

  • When you eat less amount of carbohydrate than your body will eventually demand more sugar for energy than your body will start to break fat and protein for energy and makes your body losing fat.
  • If you are following this diet than avoid eating bread, pasta, oats.
  • Eat healthy fat rich food like the full-fat dairy product, the different type of healthy seeds, avocado, cashew, green vegetables.
  • But keep in mind that consume fat rich food but not in excess amount especially people suffering from heart disease.


Whole 30 Diet Plan

Whole 30 is a meal plan for 30 days in which you have to leave your habit of eating the foods which can have a negative impact on your health.

  • In this diet plan, you have to leave your habit of eating dairy products, grains, sugars, and baked goods.
  • You can consume only fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meat, eggs, nuts, and seafood.


South Beach Diet

It is a popular diet plan invented by a cardiologist. To follow this diet plan eat lean protein ( egg, fish), high fiber Diet, low fat, legumes and least carbohydrate, occasional beer is allowed.

  • Do not eat bread, rice, potato, fatty meat, whole milk, Pasta. It has no restriction on calorie intake, prohibiting saturated fat sources.
  • It enables the use of processed vegetable oils. The best thing about this meal plan is its ability to give results of weight loss without starvation.


Whole-Food Vegan Diet

This is a diet plan based on stopping animal product and usage of the variety of plant products only such as fruits, vegetables, flax and chia seeds, legumes and all type of raw food.

You can consume soy yogurt, nutritional food in addition to the vitamin B12, calcium and other essential vitamins.


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