Types Of Fear And How To Overcome Fear?


There is fear in everybody. Fear creates a barrier in front of you. There are different types of fear present in our life. There is fear of study, society, job and other types of barriers.

Types Of Fear

You know what fear can be good or bad

 Fear is a good thing. Fear is going to lead you to take action.

~Stephen Bannon

What is a good fear?

A good fear always makes you more observant towards your work. It is obvious that fear can’t be ignored. Nobody in this world is fearless, there is always a fear in everybody more or less. If there is winning than failure too, if there is optimism than pessimism too, if there is light than darkness too, if their calmness than anxiety too. Therefore the presence of fear is apparent.

good fear accept challenge

Sometimes it’s our fear that makes us more attentive for our upcoming projects or any other work. Because of our fear, we make extra efforts to complete our work successfully and everybody becomes shocked to see our work. Seldom fears prove to be healthy for you. At any point in your life, some personage gave you this advice don’t be so relaxed and overconfident because you never know who will make a smart move and catch your opportunity.

Never underrate anyone. Although its good to be relaxed still over relaxed means no attention and overconfidence which will make you a little careless, therefore its good to be little nervous but a little bit only.

What is bad fear?

There is fear that chains you with lots of negative thoughts. These types of fear make your body paralyze and stops you to complete your work. Bad fears decrease your strength. Because of the bad fears, you try to ignore every opportunity and escape from any other new activity like competition or public speaking.

Bad fears are also really a topic of concern because they will never allow you to move ahead in your life and grab any new opportunity.

What is real fear?

There are real fears onto which you have no control. These are fears which are physical like robbing or attack in your house. You can’t do anything in these type of situations. But there is a release of hormone from the adrenal gland, the secretion of these hormones will activate your brain alarm system like When there’s a fire, you run and pull an alarm that tells everyone in the building to get out right away. These are the fears which not comes from your mind. Also, there is fear of losing somebody so manage your time and spend some quality with your near and dear ones.

fear can be good or bad

How to strengthen your good fear?

Never focus on the result because when you think about the result of any activity then lots of question will come to your mind that will make you think twice. So just love your work or activity and focus on that work only the result will come itself whatever it will be. when you focus only on your work than your fear will draw your full attention only on your work not on the result and their outcomes.


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