The Serious But Stupid And Useless Advice In Life

dont give stupid advice in life

1) 10% hard work 90% luck

I do not believe in the above saying. If you don’t work hard then no natural power or luck gonna sparkle your career. Many people who got the failure in their life they mostly said that I am not lucky enough to reach my aim but you can do it, after all, you are very lucky and there is so much difference in our situations. Deep inside they are not encouraging you but they are trying to cover up their failure moves. I believe in luck but luck will only work when you have the capability to do that work. If you work hard only than there are chances that your luck will push you to achieve that.

Luck is all about sometimes it’s your day and sometimes it’s not your day, but if you want to achieve something without doing nothing, then sorry luck will not work for you. So don’t wait for a lucky day to come just do hard work and luck will catch you. unfortunately, if luck 10% luck doesn’t work out for you than your hard work will open another access for you definitely.


2) We  always need advice

What if the other person is giving a shitty advice that not even matter for you. Our parents always say that you should listen to everyone and then make a decision in your life. Well, I also agree that sometimes we should consult some other person before taking some important decision especially regarding studies, seminar, job experience and other serious decisions, but the sometimes unnecessary advice in life become an obstacle for you and leave you in a predicament. If we are so sure about our decision then proceed and experience. We always learn from our mistakes.


3) Follow your heart always

Following your heart is good but not always. what if you don’t want to study for your tomorrow exam. You want to sleep, chat and party with your friends. Obviously, everyone wants to do the fun activity before the exam but it is our ability to think about the consequences of this. Hence follow your heart but not always.


4) Forget your past

How can somebody forget about his past? Practically if you are a human you can’t forget your past naturally without suffering from any disease. This is the impractical advice in life. You can only engage yourself in other activities, experience new things and move on in your life. By the time passes the past things will become unimportant for you that you will laugh at those stupid things. so if you want someone to forget his past than console him, give a shoulder and try to show them the reality.



5) Sharing about how you feel will comfort you

Sharing is good sometimes but not always. Actually, people are more curious in knowing about others but deep inside they really don’t care about your feelings. Its good to share with other people but if you think that sharing with your friends and then taking advice in life from them will comfort you but no this is not gonna happen. Most of the people will start telling you their stories and then comparing with your personal experience. Maybe at that time, you will feel better but after passing some time you will feel more discomfort than before because after so much discussion there will be no outcome. So sharing is good but very few people will understand your actual feeling and just try to make u feel easy not more depressed. Otherwise, there are many people who manipulate your feelings and make it a matter of discussion and enjoyment for others.


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