Say Bye To Medicine: Adopt Natural Food To Stay Healthy

It is examined that eating natural and healthy food keeps you away from hospitals. Natural food shows an unbelievable impact on your health. It is understood that nobody wants to fall sick but medicines are becoming a part of our daily life. There is a quote:

  “The food you eat can be either the safest

                                                    and most powerful form of medicine                 


                                                             the slowest form of poison”

                                                                           ~   Ann Wigmore     


stay healthy with natural food

  • Our body demands carbohydrate to do work. We get carbohydrate from grains and vegetables. Brown rice, oats, whole grain, wheat flour are rich in carbohydrate content.
  • Our body needs sugar to work since our body needs glucose to produce energy but eating a high-sugar diet can introduce you up for the disease. 1 gm sugar contains 4 calories. Too much sugar gives no nutrition but reduces B complex in your body which can be responsible for the difficulty in digestion. Therefore try to eat less sugar. To maintain sugar in your blood you can eat resins, grapes, dates, mango, banana, sugarcane juice, jaggery, and honey instead of white sugar ( chemically produced sugar).
  • Vitamin C rich food is very essential for your body. Vitamin C provides protection against immune system deficiency, reduces the effect of aging, antioxidant activity. Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, red pepper are a good source of vitamin C.
  • Protein constitutes 25% part of the cell. Protein maintains hormone and enzyme level in our body. Bones, skin, and nerves also contain proteins. It is found that soybean contains 40% protein while fish and egg contains 20% protein. Meat provides protein but it contains acidic protein due to which it is less digestible.
  • Usage of saturated fat should be low in your daily food. Eat almonds, nuts, sesame, and flaxseed, all these contain starch ( unsaturated fats) which are very good for the body.

Therefore the natural source of carbohydrate, proteins, fat are better to eat as they are easily digestible and provides more nutrition.



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