Open Office Workers Advantages Over Desk Job Workers

side effects of desk jobs

Living in a present world means confronting new challenges every day. There is a time which comes in everyone’s life when you feel stressed and a thought will come to your mind about leaving the job, college and sometimes even home. But when you feel calm than you discern this is not a solution. Unmistakably facing the difficulties will only make you fit to survive. Running from your responsibilities will show you a coward person. so know some facts about open office and desk job.

Those who are doing jobs, they are suffering from mental stress. They didn’t get ample time to adjust their living. Stress is a major problem for those who are doing the job.

According to the scientific research in America, those who work in open office are more active physically and suffer less stress than those who have cabin or desk jobs. Cabin or desk job workers spend most of their time sitting and doing their work.

 It is found that open office workers are 32% more physically active than cabin job workers and 14% less stressed than cabin or desk job workers.



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