Johari Window Test That Helps People To Know Themselves

johari window test

Johari window is a method that eases people learn how to know yourself.  Johari window test helps people to understand themselves. It was created by two psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1995. It is a very simple and useful tool that brings awareness. Johari Window Test helps people to better understand their relationship with other people also.

Wouldn’t it be a good approach for viewpoints and communications with others in a more positive and consistent way than in comparison to going individually based on the feeling?

Johari window test consists of 4 columns (quadrant) and each quadrant describes the quality of yours.

johari window activity


Believe me, it will help you a lot to better understand yourself and improve your personality just by making you self-aware. Complete these quadrants with the help of others and make self-realization.

Try and be honest and clear about what you know about yourself.



The first arena is open to you and other individuals also. You can also discuss with others individual to complete this area. Just note down all your essential characteristics, strength, weakness and other traits that are known to you.


Blind Spot

This is the area that is unknown to yourself but known to others. The information in the blind spot can be positive or negative and introduce areas for improvement. You need someone( your friends or family) who knows you to complete the blind self-area.


Façade ( hidden self)

This is just opposite to the blind self because it contains the traits that are known to yourself but unknown to others. The list of things you could write into this square might be your uncanny crazes and obsessions or the other embarrassing thing you did in your life. You don’t need other people to complete this area but try to be true to yourself. you can keep this area secret from others. You don’t need a discussion to complete this area.



This area is unknown to yourself and unknown to others also. The person that gives time in this area may need to break out of their comfort zone. Seeking new events and questioning your limits can help you realize more about yourself.



Using the simple table I have created an example of completed Johari window model below:


Known to self Not known to self
Known to    others Helpful






Not known to others I take a risk when people are not looking Sentimental

Artistic quality




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