Is Hand Sanitizer Really Works?

hand sanitizer

What is Hand Sanitizer?

Hand Sanitizer is a liquid especially used for killing germs.  You can use for cleaning dirty hands and make them free from bacteria. It is a self-drying gel.


What is Hand Sanitizer made up of?

hand sanitizer ingredientsIt normally contains alcohol as active ingredients like ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Distilled water, fragrance or other essential oils are some other constituents. There is some cleanser in the market which does not contain alcohol, normally non-alcoholic sanitizers contain antibiotics.


Hand Sanitizer Uses

Nowadays hand sanitizers are becoming popular as they are easy to use anytime and anywhere. This is a good option to clean your hands instantly while traveling and when soap is not available. It takes less time than handwashing. This is a self-drying gel and really effective against many bacteria and virus.


But hand sanitizers are really effective? Why or why not?

Actually, It is a good option to keep your hands clean and germfree but they can not replace soap and water. Doctors always recommend using soap and water both to keep your hands germfree.

sanitizer side effect

According to scientist daily use of cleanser make bacteria resistant to liquid soap and also all hand cleaner is not effective against all pathogens. It sometimes also kill good bacteria(which helps in killing other pathogens) along with bad bacteria( causing disease.  This is not completely ineffective but it is necessary to keep a balance between sanitizer and handwashing. Use of sanitizer on daily basis also makes your skin dry. So, use a hand sanitizer when soap is not available.



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