How To Find Time For Exercise With A Busy Schedule

make time for excercise with busy schedule

According to a survey, the greatest reason behind not doing exercise is “ I am too busy at work today, I will do it tomorrow”, yes you are but we all are busy. Too busy is not a justification people will find time for exercise which is really valuable to them.

How can we find time for exercise every day?

Make it your lifestyle, not a burden. Begin with the least time but do it from today. It is not important to invest a long time for exercise, you can start even with 15-minute exercise and by the time extend your exercise time also.

find time for excercise everyday

  • Make a to-do list and arrange your time schedule suitably. Set a reminder for exercise time in your smartphone and start from today.
  • Watch the advantages of doing exercise and stay motivated always.
  • Think about leaving medicine and spending time visiting the hospitals on a regular basis for blood pressure, cold etc. Just think about it and try to give 30 min time for exercise daily. Save time and money too.
  • Even 5 min of brisk walking can help you to lower the risk of serious illness like heart disease, also make people feel healthier, more active and enhance mood.
  • Discover when you are the most energetic and choose that time for you to do exercise.

How to find time for exercise with a baby?

It is very difficult for a new mom to get time for exercise with their baby.

  • Put your baby in the stroller and go for a walk for 5-10 min.
  • When your baby is involved with something, choose small but important exercise like jump rope and some dumbbells, it will help you to get in shape.
  • Combine playtime and exercise with your baby.

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