History Of A Holy Temple Sabarimala


Sabarimala temple is built in Sabari hills of Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. This temple is connected to the feelings of lots of devotees. This temple located in the middle of the 18 hills. Many devotees came here to pray God Ayyappan. It is believed that Parshuram has placed the statue of god Ayyappan in Sabarimala for worship. The entries of this temple Sabarimala are always free for everyone.

There is a literature linked to this temple.

According to the history, the king of Pandalam Rajshekhar has adopted god Ayyappan as his son but god Ayyappan doesn’t like all these things in the palace and decides to leave the palace. After leaving he starts to live and meditate in Sabari hills of Kerala. Later, the temple was mentioned as Sabarimala temple.

temple sabarimala

There are other stories also related to the birth of god Ayyappa. Some people believe that he is the son of Shiva and Mohini.

The subsistence of this temple Sabarimala is carried out by Travancore devs on board. This temple is very amazing because this temple appears to be novel and attractive just like the recently made temples of the epoch. Special new techniques have been implemented to make this beautiful temple.

Sabarimala Temple Opening Dates

The gates of this temple have been opened for two times only on 15th November and 14th January.

Entry of women has been banned from this temple. Women of age group 10 to 50 are restricted to worship in this temple but a law has been passed by Supreme court that has lifted the restriction on worshipping of women of all age groups. Now Sabarimala temple is open for all men and women of every age group and caste.


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