5 Best Web Series You Should Watch

web series

Here is the list of 5 Best Web Series you can’t miss.




You can watch this web series on Netflix. If you like the violence with a fabulous storyline than this series is for you.  It is a British series premiered on Starz. This is all about a Thracian man titular character named Spartacus who was bound to be a gladiator to combat in the arena for Romans. He was enslaved by Romans but later he demolished all the rules and strive to earn freedom from the Romans. This web series is scripted with emotion, actions, blood, trials, and violence.



stranger things

Stranger things is a good sci-fi series to watch. This web series is little scary display monsters and some incredible natural powers. Stranger things revolve around a group of kids who are living and relishing their life in Indiana. Something strange happened in their life,  suddenly a boy goes missing. A mysterious girl came in their life. Horror, Mystery, friendship, family and love are part of this amazing tv series. To watch this series you can stream on Netflix.




It is a comedy-drama web series. The series revolves around Hank Moody, a fictionist disturbed by addictions. His performance lifts the show with his amusing character. His addictions also complicate his longtime relationships with his partner Karen. Californication is a complete combination showing happy, romantic, chilling, sad, and a lot of emotions all wrapped up in one show. You will keep smirking watching it all the time. It is a great entertaining series.




Lost is a marvelous American web series. Suspense, mystery, adventure is part of this series. It is an emotional, heart touching scripted show. Lost was created by Jeffrey Lieber, J.J Abrams, and Damon Lindelof. Show foretells a plane crash and survivors see themselves on a secret island. The people who like adventure should unquestionably watch this show. This series also make you gonna cry sometimes.




Game of Thrones is a fantasy series with excellent story and characters. It is an internationally famous American web series that premiered on HBO. There is a lot of aggression, twist, and drama in this series. Game of Thrones is a fancy series. It shows seven kingdoms and all the families want to win on the iron throne, the contradiction is who will rule on 7 kingdoms?

Beside this, web series has some unbelievable creatures like dragons, werewolves, manticores, giants.  After a peaceful summer, long and deadly winter is coming for all which will bring a destructive ancient enemy who is an extinct or imaginary enemy for the people of Westeros but he is coming. This web series has won many awards more than any other web series.



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