Understand Crash Diet Side Effects Before You Regret

crash diet side effects

It is also implemented in this weight loss method through the crash diet but most people do not aware of the crash diet side effects.

“I don’t believe that good work is ever done in a hurry”

What is crash diet??

A crash diet is a strict meal plan to reduce weight quickly in a small time period. In the crash diet method, you have to eat 1200 calories or less than 1200 calories every day.

How crash diet works for you?

When you are unhappy with your increasing weight and wants to lose your fat eagerly at any cost. You are desperate to lose your weight and you want to look fit and beautiful in every trendy dress. Someone told you to follow the crash diet to reduce your weight quickly. You followed it for a good result.


what happens??

You really lose your weight. of course you will be happy to see the result because you followed a very hard, strict meal plan. In order to follow the extreme diet plan you left delicious food and sometimes even healthy food. You escape your meals also. But when you leave to follow the crash diet and go back to your daily normal diet plan, suddenly you gain more weight than earlier and this time it will be really tough for you to reduce your weight.

But why??

Actually, when following crash diet it also changes the metabolic rate of your body due to which you start to gain fat and it becomes very tough for you to reduce fat again.

extreme diet

Crash Diet Side Effects

The biggest crash diet side effects are that firstly it works on you but later on, it makes you fattier than before. It worsens your physical as well as mental health.

Some of the negative impacts of the crash diet are

  • Dry skin
  • Dehydration
  • Early aging
  • Lack of vitamins and nutrients

Daily calorie intake actually depends on your height, weight, and BMI. Therefore daily calorie consumption is different for different person. As a result, if you follow the crash diet and take 1200 calorie per day which may be less than your required calorie need than you lose unnecessary weight which reduces your physical strength.

According to the crash diet, they advised you to take laxative or salt water which increases the risk of dehydration.  As a result, dry mouth, tired or sleepy and headache decreases your efficiency.

And by the time it will become a cause of loss of nutrient in your body. whether you are taking the right amount of water during your crash diet plan but unless you don’t take good diet your body will not absorb water properly.

During this diet plan, your body starts to use starch for energy which deteriorates the muscles. It also increases the early aging effect and makes your skin loss, Hair fall, and dullness on your skin. Also, wrinkles and lines start to appear early on the face.





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