Anxiety: A Mental Health Challenge

anxiety a mental health challenge

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition in which a person feel uncomfort in different situations like going outside to a new place, delivering a speech, in a crowded place, before an exam, doing some kind of new work.

However anxiety is normal in all these situations but to a limited extent, some people suffer from a true anxiety disorder which can become phobia with time. It also stops you from doing any work with your full concentration and potential. But don’t worry It is a good news for those people who are actually suffering from a serious type of anxiety disorder that it can be relieved with natural remedies.

Anxiety Symptoms –

  • Increase heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Shakiness
  • Exhaustion
  • Panic attacks
  • Butterflies in stomach
  • Difficulty in focus


You can try these natural options for comfort while feeling anxious:



face the fearThe best option is to motivate yourself. Tell yourself this shall too pass. The feeling of anxiety will stop you to take actions. Deep inside you want to do your work with full potential but your throat becomes dry because of anxiety. At this time you really need to focus on your work, take a small break, breath and remind yourself to keep on going. This is not a permanent feeling and then focus on your achievements. Remember what you can do after avoiding these situations.



This remedy is also helpful in reducing anxiety. Chamomile tea is very helpful as it has other benefits also as it reduces skin disease and makes your skin smooth.

Drinking chamomile tea helps in making your mind quiet. Chamomile tea tastes good. Besides this it contains flavonoid.

Flavonoids are very beneficial for your brain as they exhibit antioxidants properties which provide relief from stress, headache. chamomile tea is preferred by many people because it is caffeine free.

chamomile tea



This is a good option for chocolate lovers. Researchers found that sugar-free dark chocolate helps in reducing the level of cortisol and adrenaline hormone.

Adrenaline hormone increases your heart rate. Adrenaline hormone is also known as fight and flight hormone and elevated cortisol hormone is related to hypertension.

So eating a bar of dark chocolate is really good for reducing anxiety level in your body.

dark chocolate



Exercise is always a good option to maintain you physically as well as mentally. Regular aerobic exercise is really useful in eliminating the tensions and other anxiety-related conditions.

Regular exercise produces a hormone called endorphins.

Endorphins are neuropeptides and reduces discomfort and pain.

Try walking, running, dancing, aerobics and get free from stress.



Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family. Lavender oil has amazing properties to lessen anxiety. It contains ingredients like linalool, linalyl acetate. Linalool is a good scent, having an aroma of citrus. Linalyl acetate also has anti-inflammatory property.

It is found that oil containing linalool, linalyl acetate helps in reducing restlessness.

lavender oil


positive thinkingReduce stress by focusing on positive aspects. Anxiety makes you feel negative and you bother yourself and stop yourself from doing any new activity. That time you always surround yourself in a comfort zone by doing nothing. Always surround yourself with positive people. Also, you can read novels, autobiographies which makes you realize that you have to break your comfort zone and by thinking positive you can boost up yourself.


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