Amazing Phnom Penh’s Reptile Cafe

reptile cafe

You all have like to hang out with your near and dear ones in a special cafe but people always want to spot something unique in everything from a small pot to a residence. You will get astonished to know about this café where you will enjoy your drink with the scary and wonderful reptiles.  Just imagine a cup of tea in your hand and a beautiful scabby iguana on your other hand. This reptile cafe looks regular from outside like other café’s but the time when you opened the doors of café you will find yourself environed by unusual things.

amazing cafe with reptile

The wall of this reptile cafe is fixed with lit up glass containers carrying different size snakes of pretty color. This café has crawling lizards, snakes, turtles, scorpion, albino python, scaly iguana and many more fascinating reptiles. There are some never seen reptiles which will delight you.

see more reptile

This café is good for reptile lovers. All peoples can take the selfie with these reptiles by carrying a snake around their neck. This café is also helping people to overcome the fear of reptiles. Reptile haters and people with herpetophobia can also go there, experience their company, maybe they misunderstood the reptiles because many people responded they are not very dangerous as they look from outside.



All of the creatures here are imported from Thailand.

snake in hand

If you want to experience something unique then you must visit this wonderful reptile cafe.


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